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ISO 900 certification

Dongguan ShumiJjia Precision Hardware Products Co.

Welcome to Shumijia

Customer oriented, quality first; craftsmanship, excellence
Quality Assurance + Advanced Equipment + Extensive Technology + Strict Quality Control

ISO Quality Management

Outstanding product examples

Stainless steel
Multi-spindle turning and milling
One-shot machining
More cases
Brass material
CNC lathe machining
Effect after surface plating
More cases
Multi-axis CNC machining in one operation
Surface oxidation
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As the business continues to expand
In order to prevent a backlog of orders
The company once again introduces the "Stahl Centering Machine"

A great team
Shaping a great team culture
A great team culture
Breeds great people

Technical Team
The drawings sent by the customer were complicated to process
We have consulted a number of companies but have been unable to solve the problem
But we don't compromise
The engineers of the technical team immediately started technical discussions
to solve technical problems for the customer.

Position: Technical engineer, chief engineer for quotation
Skills: rich experience in on-site machining, proficient in all kinds of CNC machine tool processes and applications, able to quickly draw process drawings and 3D effects! Familiar with various processing materials and processes, quick costing.
Job Description: Responsible for the specification and guidance of production processes. Quickly provide design and improvement solutions for product requirements. Quickly produce drawings based on samples.
Work Experience: Worked as a workshop supervisor and chief engineer for 2 companies...
Senior Engineer: Lin Lihu
Specialized in CNC machinery precision manufacturing process for 16 years
Position: Chief Engineer and Project Manager
Skills: proficient in programming, CAD drawing, machining and technical use of various lathes. Very good understanding of the industry outlook.
Job Description: Responsible for the general technical guidance of the company to solve technical problems. As well as the follow-up of various projects of the company...

Chief Engineer: Huang Huizong
21 years experience in the processing industry
Position: Quality Control Supervisor
Skills: Proficient in the use of the seven quality control techniques.
Job Description: Responsible for the quality control of the whole process of incoming material inspection, development and testing, production process, product warehousing, sealing and shipping. Monitor the process status, determine the impact of changes in process parameters on the product, and justify the reasonableness of the settings, and regularly evaluate the process or control solutions...

Senior Quality Controller: Wisdom Zhang
11 years of experience in quality control management
There are as many textbooks as there are explanations of teams. Here we define a team as a community of employees and management with a common ideal goal, willing to share responsibility, honour and disgrace, and in the process of team development, through long-term learning, bonding, adjustment and innovation, to form a proactive, efficient, cooperative and creative group that solves problems and achieves common goals.





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